Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What does this mean?

So it's Fashion week, of course! As I'm flipping through the Fashion Counsel's website, I discovered an interesting fact about the new eBay fashion section. I remember reading about the scheduled launch. A year or two ago on WWD and thinking these eBay people are doing too much. Well, what I learned is every second eBay makes $2000 in their fashion section. You know what I did! I immediately clicked on my eBay account and went to the seller section. So I find myself reading and learning all my selling options. The thing is I finally decide that I'm going to start small and see where things go. After some attempts, I figure out where to click the link to list items. I'm filling out the simple form only to get to the picture section and it won't let me click on the tab it has available to click then again in the description field. Text refuse to show up in the description box or be pasted in. So I go and come back. This time, I've got energy and am motivated cause I'm really going to do this. So I go to the complicated form with more options. Ooh, we're looking good. Get to the description box and the same thing but this time I decide I've got a pic and if people want to know they can ask! So I try to go to the next step but it flags me for missing three fields. Guess what one of them is- well, of course, the description. So something gets me to click on spell check and I get this box that lets me paste my text in. I enter it in and the page goes to error. Not your typical error, though. It gives instructions to log back in 15mins and re-attempt to access the page and it even adds that if this doesn't work I should check the bulletin board in case this is a section that is currently offline. Really! This is the kind of thing that would make typical me just not come back again, but something in me has me feeling like that Ram with the huge horns. The one that keeps ramming the other one till one of them dies or gets injured only, I'm not going to get injured. I'll walk away but could possibly be disappointed, though I hope not. There should be some reward for that kind of persistence seeing I'm not typically a persistent person when it comes to this type of stuff.

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