Monday, February 6, 2012


So Check this out. My newest two problems, which I know will find a solution all by themselves (please just laugh at that with me). So the problems are not being able to re-size or use already perfected logo's and images in every media form I would like to apply it to. So guess who needs more graphic knowledge or a free friend who is graphically inclined to avoid cost. My favorite word these days is "FREE" anything else is too expensive.  Issue number two is having to file quarterly taxes as apposed to yearly. Apparently after some time of filing and you prove yourself worthy you will be allowed to file yearly or have options is what I'm understanding from the info provided. Oh! am I sucking at being trust worthy right now. Even though I so want to be! So I can select the yearly option but then again what if I loose the info over the course of a year. Once again having to be careful what I wish for. Proof that not everything that seems annoying really is- get used to it and it just might be the best thing for you.

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